Weights & Bars

Flight Trainer Machine


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Weights & Bars


  •  Isolates deltoids, pectoral, and back muscles
  •  Magnetic Selector pin
  •  Workout charts display exercises


  •  Multifunction machine with well over 12 exercises.
  • Bilateral and Unilateral arm motions.
  • Carriage with cams has height adjustment with counterbalanced arms and gas assisted, easy lifting action.
  •  Features 360 range of motion on each arm.
  • Multiple starting angle adjustments.
  • Cam delivers an even load throughout the exercise motion.
  • Cushioned headrest allows great positioning for rear deltoid, lat, and chest crossover exercises.
  • Spacious foot platform for anatomically correct multiple body positioning.


  • Width: 31in/79 cm
  • Length: 56 in/142 cm
  • Height: 78 in/198 cm
  • Weight: 560lb/254 kg
  • Weight Stack(in 10lb increments) 160 lb/73 kg