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Compact Single Stack Gym ™

Full body workout. Targets all the right muscle groups from upper to lower extremities. Everything you need consolidated into one unit.

Compact unit. Perfect for limited-space training.

$ 3195

We deliver and install locally.

    65"L x 52"W x 82"H, 550lbs • Leg extension/standing leg curl attachment • Seated chest press • Seated rows • Lat pulldown bar • Adjustable height crossover chest pulley arms • Rear & tricep extensions • Bicep curls, upright rows & more • EZ adjustable seat height • No cable changes required • We do the installation!

Dual Adjustable Pulley System

A versatile full body workout system. Easy adjustments make it perfect for more than one user.

Sturdy construction. No mounting necessary. Add on suspension trainers for more variety.  

We deliver and install locally.

$ 2995

        60"L x 40"W x 88"H 850lbs • Adjustable hi/low pulley columns for a variety of workouts • Easy trigger pull handle for easy adjustments • Multiple grip chin bars • 2-200lb weight stacks • Great for low ceilings • We do the installation!

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